FWC Hosting Florida WildQuest From April 28-May 7


From April 28-May 7, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is hosting the third annual Florida WildQuest, a unique scavenger hunt experience encouraging exploration of wildlife management areas throughout the state. Florida residents and visitors can grab their phone and join a wild adventure with missions designed to help them discover some of Florida’s best spots to see wildlife and enjoy the outdoors.

Wild About Florida!

WildQuest players of all ages will have opportunities to learn about and explore Florida’s extensive WMA system during the event. Participants who qualify will be entered into a random drawing for wilderness-inspired prizes.

What Are Wildlife Management Areas?

With more than 6 million acres set aside for wildlife conservation and nature-based recreation, Florida has one of the nation’s largest systems of state-managed wildlife lands. The FWC maintains, enhances and restores natural habitats on WMAs to benefit plants and wildlife as well as the people of Florida. The public can use WMAs for recreation activities like hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing.

Now more than ever, we need nature. Studies show time in nature benefits children and adults. It improves physical and mental health and reduces stress. Florida’s natural areas offer opportunities for us to safely overcome the fatigue of virtual life and forge the social and emotional connections our minds and bodies need to thrive.

Are You Ready to Go on a Florida WildQuest?

Follow these steps to adventure:

1.  Find It: Find your closest WildQuest WMA by visiting MyFWC.com/WMAs.

2.  Charge Up: Make sure your phone is charged and the GooseChase app is installed. Not all areas have mobile coverage, but
you’ll be able to take pictures for your scavenger hunt missions and submit them later. Visit FloridaWildQuest.com for
instructions on how to join a WildQuest.

3.  Be Safe: Stay on marked roads and trails. It’s a good idea to let someone else know where you’re going. Before you enter a trail, be sure it fits your skill level and the distance you’re prepared for.

4.  Pack Smart: It gets hot outside and there are no vending machines in the wilderness. Check the weather before you go. Pack water, sunscreen and snacks!

5.  Snap a Pic: Most WMAs have a kiosk at the main entrance with a welcome sign that includes a map and important reminders
for visiting the area. When you see this sign, be sure to take a picture for reference. Grab a recreation guide at the kiosk if one is

WMAs = Healthy Habitat and Abundant Wildlife

Supporting a WMA doesn’t only benefit people. The wildlife and plants you see thriving within WMAs are there because these wild places are protected and maintained. Your support for these areas helps the FWC keep these habitats healthy, so people can enjoy Florida’s wilderness for generations to come.

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