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Go Greenhow: Important Financial Tips

IRA?  Now’s the Time!

The recent stock market volatility has been an interesting ride for everyone – but within the changes lie financial opportunities.  For example, it’s an excellent time for those who have not yet made IRA and retirement plan contributions for last year (2017) to consider doing so!

Why contribute to an IRA now?

Contributing to one of these plans typically offers highly desirable tax reduction benefits.  Options available range from a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, and more. The IRS allows individuals to make contributions until the tax return filing deadline.  For most folks, this is April of the following year (2018 in this case).

Had a great 2017? Help offset tax liability

If you had a great year in 2017 as far as your income is concerned, this could result in a large increase in your tax liability.  You should consult your CPA or tax professional — as well as your CFP or Financial Advisor — about contributing to an IRA. They can also help with tax planning!

For those of you who are married and/or have children (especially if they’re on your payroll) – you should consider making a 2017 IRA contribution for them as well. This may reduce the overall tax liability for your entire family.

Don’t panic when the market is down; use this time to review your investment strategy

The bottom line is that when the stock market is high, we all feel good about it, but what about when the market is down?  It’s easy to get nervous! However, when the market is lower, that represents a distinct opportunity to review and contribute to your retirement plans.  Essentially combining this lower point in the market with the tax benefits of an IRA.

Truth is, the underlying economic fundamentals both here in the U.S. and around the world appear to remain quite healthy.  There will certainly be changes from month-to-month! However, I would encourage you to disregard the “noise” in the media and continue to make the smartest financial decisions you can.

At the core of those smart financial decisions:

  1. Growing your investment portfolio.
  2. Taking advantage of any tax reductions available to you and your family at the right moments.

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BIO: Born and raised in the Central Florida area, Eric Greenhow strives for excellence — embodying the spirit and core values of Allen & Company.  He is nationally recognized for his industry leadership and community service and is a Chartered Financial Analyst® and CFP®.  For more information about Eric and the Allen Investments Team, call 863.294.7411 or visit

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