Have a Business? Know the Value of a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

By Clark, Campbell, Lancaster & Munson, P.A.

It is a litigious world we live in, and if you own a business—including an agricultural operation—then it is in your best interest to have a seasoned commercial litigation lawyer looking out for you and your company’s best interests. Both state and federal law govern the operation of your business, and both can be complex and nuanced.

Commercial Litigation Defined
Commercial litigation refers to the disputes that result from the course of business; this broad definition means the examples of commercial litigation are numerous. The sources for litigation can come from entities such as other businesses, clients, partners, employees, and government agencies.

Examples of Commercial Litigation
The forms that commercial litigation can take are many and varied.
Common examples include:
Breach of Contract/ Partnership Disputes: When the contract between two business entities has been broken, litigation could arise. In an agricultural setting, breach of contract issues could arise between businesses, such as with suppliers, buyers, and partners.

Business Torts/Lawsuits: This litigation concerns wrongful acts which injure another person’s body, property, reputation, or finances. In an ag setting, examples might be insurance fraud, personal injury, liability—especially those damages caused by employees or livestock—and more.
Commercial litigation lawyers can also advise clients on issues such as contract formation, taxes, insurance, liability, and employee issues. Having a lawyer at the writing of a contract, creation of a partnership, or other business transaction could mean not needing one at the end of that partnership.

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