Katie Hennessy

My newest veterinarian venture

My love for working with horses and animals began while I was young and shared a Welsh pony named Pharlap with my sisters. My interest only grew and was nurtured through the activities I participated in for nineteen years on our Quarter Horse gelding, named Hondo. Currently, I’m performing in obstacle challenges.

I pursued and acquired a degree with the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and then moved to Ocala, Florida. There I began an internship with The Equine Medical Center. Upon completion of my internship, I moved on to Orlando Equine Veterinary Care as an associate veterinarian. My professional experience has been largely with equines, including, surgery, anesthesia, emergency and ambulatory medicine. I have also tended and garnered experience with small and exotic animals through these periods.

Through my professional experiences, I’ve learned to keep the best interests of the animal in mind while offering an affordable solution for the concerned owner. Finally, I learned of the opening to join the Polk Equine practice, which was a welcome and exciting new opportunity. Dr. Bennett and his family, and Cori the veterinary technician, are wonderful people and have made the transition truly pleasant. I am thankful for the chance to stay in Florida and look forward to beginning this new venture with Polk Equine and serving Polk County and the surrounding region.



BIO: Dr. Katie Hennessy graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 with a specialized degree in large animal health and equine medicine. She completed an advanced internship at The Equine Medical Center of Ocala, Florida, and worked as an associate veterinarian with Orlando Equine Veterinary Care. Her expertise ranges from small and exotic creatures to large animals, specializing in equine medicine.

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