Katie Hennessy

Horse Care While You’re Away

It’s summertime, and though COVID-19 has many of us canceling our summer plans, there are some who still will be leaving town for various reasons. If you are one of the ones traveling, you will need to make accommodations for your horses while you are away. Here are some tips to ensure that your horse(s) will be comfortable and well cared for in your absence. 


The first step in planning for your horse’s care is to decide if they are staying home or if you are taking them to a boarding barn. Both options have their pros and cons. If your horse is staying home, the pros are that they will be comfortable with their surroundings and less stressed. Their routine should be able to be maintained by the horse sitter you choose.  The horse sitter should be someone you trust and who is reliable.  The cons are that they are only monitored by one person when being fed or turned out. If you are taking them to a boarding barn, they may have more stress due to the change in location, routine and interactions with unfamiliar horses and people. However, there are numerous people to monitor and care for them. 


With either option, it is important to make sure all your hay and grain supplies are fresh and adequately stocked. Farrier visits for hoof trimmings and shoes and veterinary visits for vaccines/coggins and any medical issues should be scheduled before you depart. 


Leave your emergency contact information along with your veterinarian’s information with whomever will be caring for your horses.  Contact your veterinarian and let them know you are leaving town and what you would like done for your horses should an emergency arise. Lastly, enjoy your trip!

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