Hunger: The Preventable Tragedy

WHAT DID YOU have to eat today? Maybe some toast and eggs for breakfast, or a bowl of cereal. Maybe you skipped breakfast and had a big lunch. Dinner might range from a light salad to a hearty steak and potatoes meal. Whatever it was, we’re sure you were grateful for what you had.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for everyone. Estimates are that one in seven people struggles with hunger in Florida. That comes out to over 2.8 million people – and over 850,000 of those people are children. One in five children in Florida doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. What a disturbing statistic.

The resources needed to overcome these trends are enormous. With an average meal cost of $3.17, it is estimated that it would take more than $1.5 billion to meet everyone’s food needs for a year in Florida. That’s why it’s so important that government programs and private charities work together to meet the goal of fighting hunger.

Food insecurity affects many people of all backgrounds. There are senior citizens struggling to get enough to eat as well as children, parents, and single individuals. Hunger doesn’t discriminate, and it can be the result of any number of circumstances.

In Central Florida alone, approximately 193,000 children are at risk of going to bed hungry tonight. There are children who only get to eat at school. They rely on supplemental nutrition programs to provide them with additional food for weekends and holidays.

At Wild Game Food Bank, we are doing what we can to make a difference in the world around us, providing fresh-caught wild game for food pantries. We believe in feeding people. If you enjoy hunting and feel called to join our mission, contact us today.

This column is sponsored by Wild Game Food Bank.

BIO: Caitlin Meadows is the founder of Wild Game Food Bank. She proudly serves the community in this capacity while enjoying life as a wife, mom, and REALTOR®. A UF graduate and Gainesville native, Caitlin and her family have called Polk County home for the last ten years. Her husband is an avid hunter, which is what helped fuel the inspiration behind WGFB. Caitlin and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors with their son, attending church, and managing their cattle and chickens. To learn more about WGFB, go to

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