@griTech: Hunting tools of the 21st century

WHILE HUMAN BEINGS have been hunting since the dawn of creation, the ways this sacred rite is performed are worlds apart from early hunters and gatherers. With the introduction of technology into our lives, there are many ways we can now be safer and better prepared while on the hunt. These tools are no farther away than the front pocket of your favorite pair of pants.

More people than ever are now part of the vast network of smartphone technology. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry device, a whole new world of benefits is available for those heading out to regions that generally are open and isolated. Some great applications are now accessible on your smartphone to keep you and your hunting party out of harm’s way and on the trail of your prey.

One of the best ways to keep safe in the outdoors is by downloading one of several weather applications. With such free apps as The Weather Channel, Radar Now!, and WeatherBug, you can get local forecasts and advisories, as well as real-time radar maps, straight to your phone. You are now able to plan your next hunting spot down to the hour and minute with this resource in your pocket. Getting caught in severe weather can leave you and your group vulnerable to the dangers that Mother Nature is known to produce.

Another great application to keep you prepared while hunting is Cabela’s Recon Hunt mobile navigation app. It provides many useful features that are designed specifically for hunters and their needs. The application enables you to rely solely on the GPS signal built within your phone to track your position at all times, versus some digital maps that need a data or phone signal to operate. You can mark the waypoints of your truck location, favorite spots, and treestands throughout your hunt and see them right on your map. You can even turn on the Blood Trailing feature and track the blood spots after your shot. The application can also allow you to see ballistic details and graphs for around 850 pistol and rifle cartridges.

With the wide variety of technological tools available today, you can be sure that when you and your friends or family go out on a hunt, the entire party will return safely. Keep yourselves connected to the world by ensuring your location and keeping an eye on the approaching weather systems in the area. Your smartphone can be used for much more than simply making phone calls, answering emails, and sending text messages. Take advantage of these modern safety benefits that were unavailable to those who harvested the animals provided to our world since time began.


article by RYAN WALLS

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