Mike Roberts

Hurricane Preparation to be Ready for the Next Storm

June 1st was the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane season. While some climatologists are backing off the active hurricane prediction, it is still important to be prepared, especially for the high winds and flooding that are common with a hurricane. We shared two blogs with UF/IFAS tips on hurricane preparation for your farm or ranch on our website GriffinFertilizer.com, and have summarized it for you here.
Prepare for High Winds — UF/IFAS recommends:

  1. Make sure chainsaws are in good working order and stock up on mixed fuel.
  2. Locate chains and come-a-longs for limb and tree movement off of fences and buildings.
  3. Stock up on fence repair materials:  wire, posts, and staples for repairing fences damaged by limbs and trees.
  4. Move animals and valuable equipment out of barns. Most agricultural barns are not made to withstand more than 75-100 mile per hour winds without some damage.
  5. Move animals to interior pastures so there are multiple fences between animals and the highway or neighbors.
  6. Identify cattle and horses so that if they do wander out of your property, you can be notified of their whereabouts. Do not include Coggins number on any identification, because that would allow the animal to be sold at auction.
  7. Pick up debris that might become high-wind hazards.

Prepare for Flooding — UF/IFAS recommends you prepare your agri-operation by:

  1. Move tractors, equipment, hay, or other stored items to highest ground.
  2. Move animals out of low lying pastures, or at least tie the gates open so they can move to higher ground if need be.
  3. Have enough hay on hand to feed for two weeks in case grass runs short from low areas being flooded.
  4. Make sure drainage ditches are clean without blockage.

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BIO: Mike Roberts is the  Vice President  of the  Frostproof, Fla.-based Griffin Fertilizer Co. Roberts joined the company in November 2011. He has spent  the majority of  his career in the fertilizer/agchem industry. Roberts earned a Bachelor  of Science degree in citrus production from Florida Southern College in  Lakeland. For more information, visit griffinfertilizer.com.     

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