Hurricane preparedness for your outbuildings

JUNE 1 brought the start of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season, which is incentive enough to ensure that your prized items — be they vehicles, recreational water craft or beasts of the four-legged variety — have a safe place to ride out a storm. Are your outbuildings up to the challenge?

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, and other weather experts have predicted that we will have a relatively quiet hurricane season this year. If you don’t remember, one of the last “quiet” hurricane seasons started off with Hurricane Andrew giving South Florida the what-for in 1992.

The 2015 hurricane season predictions include a 70 percent likelihood of seeing six to 11 named storms, with three to six of those storms becoming a hurricane and one or two storms that could reach a Category-3 hurricane or higher status. For your information, a tropical storm with winds 74 mph or higher is deemed a hurricane. Such winds can damage siding, shingles, and cause trees limbs to snap off or cause the tree to topple over altogether. Additionally, hurricanes often spawn tornadoes. All in all, you want to be sure your livestock, farming equipment, and recreational vehicles are safe and sound under roof.

USA Quality Steel Barns & Garages are built with tough, high-quality steel that can withstand a lot of bad weather. We offer heavy-duty options and certified options that can withstand a 150- to 180-mph wind load. To put that in perspective, a hurricane becomes a Category 5 storm once winds hit 157 mph!

This column is sponsored by USA Quality Steel Barns & Garages.


column by RON TISDAL

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