Important Reminders and Tips for How Your Pharmacist Can Help


Among our 13 convenient locations in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties, we have eight that include an in-house clinical pharmacy. Those locations include Avon Park in Highlands; as well as Dundee, Haines City, Lakeland, Lakeland Pediatrics, Lake Wales, Mulberry and Winter Haven in Polk County. We will also be adding a pharmacy to our Wauchula location soon, for those in Hardee County. Our patients find it convenient, easier and comforting to have their pharmacist team in the same building as their medical providers. If you’re looking for one place where you can get the best, most comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical care, consider one of these locations. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we are also able to offer discounted pricing to our uninsured patients on many prescription medications.

In the meantime, here are a few important reminders and tips for how our pharmacists can help you with your healthy lifestyle:
Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Some medications have liquid alternatives, so make sure to ask your pharmacist about this option.
When you pick up your medication, check the bottle cap. If you have trouble opening it, ask your pharmacist if there is an easier-to-open alternative.

Don’t forget about safe storage. Our pharmaceutical team can tell you all about the best and safest way to store your medications so it’s safe from harsh temperatures, as well as from curious guests who may not understand the dangers of these medications if swallowed.

Talk to your pharmacist about over-the-counter medications you are taking. Some OTC medicines can adversely affect your prescriptions, so make sure to review or check with your pharmacist about any OTC medication you are taking (or would like to take) in combination with your prescriptions.

We hope these tips are helpful, but don’t forget to consult with your doctor and your pharmacist, which for many of our patients, is in one convenient place. If you are a patient at one of our health centers that does not have an in-house pharmacy, you can still benefit from our pharmacy services as we can have your prescription medications delivered to your health center or mailed to your house. Should you need health care services or have questions about your health or medications, don’t hesitate to reach out to our medical staff at (866) 234-8534.

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BIO: Mick Pickos, RPH is the Director of Pharmacy at Central Florida Health Care, Inc. and a valued member of our team, overseeing all our clinical pharmacy locations. To make an appointment with our medical team or ask any questions about one of our 13 locations, including our eight clinical pharmacy locations, call (866) 234-8534. Visit for more information.

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