Innovations in irrigation

THEY SAY “nothing is as sure as change,” and no matter what type of business you’re in, agriculture or otherwise, you’ll find it always rings true. However, here at Domer’s, Inc., we like to think of it as innovation rather than just change.

Drip irrigation is an excellent example. Ag sprinkler systems were the norm just a few short years ago, and many are still in use today. Then, drip irrigation systems were introduced to the industry, and the water conservation and money-saving characteristics of the systems have led some to label drip irrigation as the most valued innovation in agriculture since impact sprinklers. Billions and billions of feet of drip irrigation tubing have been installed in U.S. ag fields.

Here in Florida, drip irrigation is valued for the system’s ability to efficiently deliver water to row crops. We do see a pattern of rainy, tropical summers, but any farmer who hasn’t seen drought in Florida just needs to wait a bit. Similarly, there are also the drier “winter” months, when artificial watering is a must. Water is an all-important resource in Florida agriculture, and drip irrigation systems provide another process by which water can be protected and conserved. Furthermore, drip irrigation systems also protect tender plants from being overwatered, another water concern.

Installing a drip irrigation system is not a simple undertaking. Like most things, it requires careful study and consideration in the planning stages to get a system that works well. Considerations include soil, land topography, the crop that’s to be grown, and what’s going through the pipes in addition to water, such as fertilizers. Drip irrigation systems also need to be maintained. Here at Domer’s, Inc., we offer sales, installation and service for your agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential needs, and we’re here to provide solutions when you need them.

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column by JUSTIN DOMER

BIO: Brothers Jacob and Justin Domer are the fourth generation to step into the shoes of great-grandfather Victor Domer, the original owner of Domer’s, Inc. Both were raised in the business, learning the trade alongside studies at Okeechobee High School. Justin holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Business minor from FSU; Jacob attended Indian River State College, and both men consider running the business a team effort. The two brothers, along with the rest of the Domer family, enjoy working alongside each other and helping their customers.

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