William "Bill" Doty

Keeping your Lawn and Garden looking its best!

The “dog days” of summer are upon us! Now that we are into the heart of the season, you might be wondering what tasks you should tend to with your lawn and garden. Well, first things first – make sure you have your hurricane plan together just in case we get hit with bad weather. Stock up on candles, batteries, bottled water, and have some plywood on hand for boarding up the windows. Better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not have it.

As for your landscape, now is a good time to feed your azaleas and camellias to a good quality fertilizer. They like a pH between 4.5 to 5.5 best, and if you are unsure what your soil pH is, just bring a soil sample into Doty Farm & Garden Supply to have it tested for free. Keep your roses healthy and happy by feeding and spraying them regularly, and if you have poinsettias, give them their final pruning of the year before the first of September.

If your lawn is looking a little lackluster, this is an ideal time to fix it. Plant new grass or replace a bad patch. We recommend Palmetto grass plugs. While you are eyeballing the lawn, check it for insect pests. Look at the other plants in your landscape and see if any of them need a pest treatment.

Thinking about starting a vegetable garden? It is a great way to stay busy if you are stuck at home, plus you get the added satisfaction of feeding your family fresh, wholesome, home-grown veggies. To have a successful garden that you can be proud of, you want to start prepping now! Get the site prepared by cleaning it up and enriching the soil with compost, peat, or fertilizer. The foundation of a productive vegetable garden is healthy soil.

Remember, whenever you have questions or concerns about your lawn and garden, you can stop by Doty’s to get the answers you need!

BIO: William R. “Bill” Doty is the owner of Doty Farm and Garden Supply Inc. Founded in 1954, Doty Farm and Garden Supply, Inc. has been there for every one of their loyal customer’s budding needs.  Bill Graduated from Winter Haven H.S. and then Florida State University, where he learned invaluable lessons in listening, asking questions, and reading anything related to the family business.  Bill shares his knowledge with his customers daily and our readers each month.

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