Land management needs in the grove

As you know, there is a lot of uncertainty in the Florida citrus industry these days. Several factors have growers shaking their heads and wondering what the immediate future may hold. One specific issue is the current supply and demand for citrus nursery trees. Ensuring that your inventory is ready and at the level it should be is vital for the health and survival of your business.

Replanting is the lifeblood of the current citrus industry. It is very important for farmers and other industry experts, such as nurserymen, handlers, and processors, to have a constant stream of good data to make informed business decisions. If you enter into a season with a lack of information, your chances for being a success are drastically diminished. Make sure your grove has the proper set of data needed to be certain that your number of citrus trees are adequate. You can never have too much data, but you certainly can have too little.

Now is the time to review your groves, forecast your need for resets, and talk to your nurseryman about future needs. If you let another day go by without assessing the readiness of your citrus trees, that means you are one day closer to a failed season.


column by EVAN QUINN

BIO: Evan Quinn is a native Floridian who went to high school at Winter Haven High. He learned hard work and customer service from his labor on the family’s poultry operation while growing up. He has operated Quinn and Company Land Services, Citrus Nursery Management, and Central Florida Pest Management for the past 11 years.

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