Your landscape: At home and in the grove

Your landscape: At home and in the grove

As we enter the fall and winter months here in Central Florida, now is the time to put some focus on the things that need to be done at home and in the groves. Here are a few essential practices that will keep your home and business running smoothly through winter and into spring.

Now that we are going to see the temperatures around the state begin to drop during the next few weeks, it is a great time to add phosphorus to your lawn. This addition to your grass will help ensure good, healthy root growth that will provide a benefit once spring arrives. If this step is neglected, your lawn will not be as healthy and look as green going into the new year.

Growers around the state also need to take proper steps now that cooler temperatures are almost upon us. For grove owners, harvesting is just getting cranked up and that tends to dominate their time and attention. However, while out in the groves, it is extremely important to take a count of the resets that will be needed. Make sure that after those counts are taken, you go ahead and order the trees you require now. If you delay until after harvest time, you may find yourself waiting a significant amount of time until you get the trees you need.


column by EVAN QUINN

BIO: Evan Quinn is a native Floridian who went to high school at Winter Haven High. He learned hard work and customer service from his labor on the family’s poultry operation while growing up. He has operated Quinn and Company Land Services, Citrus Nursery Management, and Central Florida Pest Management for the past 11 years.

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