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Lasers Could be New Treatment for Citrus Greening

by MIKE ROBERTS         
Citrus greening bacteria gets into the very fiber of citrus trees, and getting treatments and cures into those internal cells has proven a struggle up to now. UF/IFAS horticultural sciences professor, Ed Etxeberria, recently shared how lasers have proven effective during recent testing in helping spray treatments like bactericides to penetrate past the surface of citrus leaves. The benefits could be enough to place lasers as a necessary part of the citrus grower’s toolkit for combating citrus greening.
Lasers and Citrus Greening Treatments
According to Etxeberria in a Citrus Industry article, the lasers make it easier for treatments that combat citrus greening to reach inside the leaves. Citrus leaves have a waxy cuticle that repels sprays. The lasers shoot infra-red energy pulses at the leaves, which creates small cracks in the leaves’ cuticles. These cracks allow spray treatments, like bactericides, to get into the leaves and be more effective at fighting citrus greening.
Etxeberria maintained in the article that the use of this technology increases the penetration of agrochemicals and sprays into the leaves “by more than 4,000 percent.” Benefits include enhanced uptake of spray treatments and a reduction in the amount of agrochemicals required. Growers could benefit from fewer sprayings and having citrus trees that respond better to treatments. The next step is developing the technology for whole-grove treatments.
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