Merchant Services: Understand What You Need

Our focus at Florida Merchant Services is to help small to mid-sized businesses stay in business longer and thrive in the marketplace with assistance from our merchant advisers. Minorities and women in farming are a growing number and one we support. Florida Merchant Services owners Jamaar Manlove and Rhonda Manlove state, “As a minority-owned business, we understand the everyday challenges and work with farmers and businesses to reduce expenses and help them grow.”

Q: What “fine print” should a business look for in merchant service agreements?

Look for the hidden fees for things like monthly equipment cost, cancellation fees or other percentages that were not discussed upfront.

Q: What should merchant services fees look like?

Much of your merchant processing will depend on how you accept payments, the types of payments you accept, and the provider you work with. For example, swiping a customer’s credit card can be a different processing fee than online payment from an online store. It is essential to understand the fee chart beforehand.

Q: How do I choose the right merchant service provider?

Answering these questions will help you understand exactly what you need from your merchant processing services. 

  • How you accept payments: Will your business accept payments solely online or will you be taking in-person payments, too?
  • Type of payments you accept: Are you going to be accepting credit cards, debit cards and contactless payments?

Florida Merchant Services has consulted thousands of businesses over the years and saved farmers and small business owners from millions of unnecessary junk fees. 

“We eat at our merchants’ locations, we know their kids, we go to their kids’ graduations, we assist with their personal issues. We are more than just a merchant service provider; we consider ourselves FRIENDS and FAMILY,” says Jamaar Manlove, CEO.

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