@griTech: New ag software aids timekeeping in the field

A new electronic timekeeping software makes it easier for growers to track employee hours in the field during harvesting. Offered by Winter Haven-based Propak Software, the software streamlines the process of recordkeeping for both regular and H2A laborers. “This is the best solution that exists in the ag industry,” says Rick Montney, Propak Software’s vice president. “Tablet signature capture is the big key.”

The system, which is generating lots of excitement in agricultural circles, is easy to administer and cost effective for regular and H2A workers. The new Crew Touch software collects the data in the field, allowing workers to verify the time they worked, accept or decline it, and sign it. It records data using Windows tablets and/or laptop computers without an Internet connection. The software later can send data to the LandMagic FieldTime website, a central place where office workers can check it.

LandMagic has enabled Dundee’s Statewide Harvesting and Hauling to automate the compilation of time data, using the latest technology. “LandMagic has helped the timekeeping aspect of our operation become streamlined and efficient. Prior to, we compiled time data manually and outsourced the processing,” says Jennifer Schaal, Statewide Harvesting and Hauling’s accounting manager. “It has also allowed us to bring the processing in-house without adding additional staff, which has been a great savings.”

If your company is considering the switch to electronic recordkeeping for harvesters, be sure you’re ready, advises Schaal. “Time keeping is a very sensitive and critical function; it’s not an area where you can afford a misstep,” Schaal observes. “As with any new process, there will be a learning curve so be prepared to allow ample time for device training and practice time for employees before implementation. Most importantly, do your homework to ensure the electronic timekeeping system and provider you select is the best fit for your organization.”

Propak Software is a 20-year-old company that develops innovative technologies for the agricultural industry. Its LandMagic products work independently or with one another to help commercial farmers with everything from tracking inventory to managing crop care. Its LandMaster software serves as the foundation, much like Microsoft Office serves as the basis of office data functions. LandMaster acts as a central depository, creating an electronic logbook for land, crops, and varieties.

FieldTime streamlines the timekeeping process, increasing accuracy and control, reducing liability, and improving compliance with regulations. It records time in/time out for crews, automatically calculating the time worked. It imports time, attendance, and piece counts into the payroll system. Available in English and Spanish, FieldTime generates performance charts and worker and crew rankings. MobileMagic enables users to record data using a number of devices.

Other LandMagic products are CropCare, BarnManager, Harvesting and GeoMaps, which gives the user a bird’s-eye view of the entire farm. For more information, visit www.LandMagic.com, email info@ProPakSoftware.com or call 1-800-886-0933.


Central Florida Ag News staff report

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