Nutrition Farming, the Future of Agriculture

Nutrition Farming, the Future of Agriculture

The future of agriculture is now.  Over the last 70 years, farmers have been taught to farm using monoculture, fumigants, expensive high salt fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and now antibiotics to grow our crops.  Under this system, we have unknowingly lost our soil’s natural ability to defend itself.

Year after year of using these methods has caused us to significantly deplete our soil of precious carbon, the building block of all organic matter.  As a result of having less organic matter, more of these products are then needed to produce a harvest. Think about that: the same chemicals we need to produce a crop are the same chemicals that are damaging our soil, thus requiring us to continue to have to use those chemicals.  Because we need to use more and more of these chemicals to grow a crop, we are ingesting more and more of these chemicals in our food, which is detrimental to our health.

Many of the health problems we face today are biological imbalances fueled by the lack of carbon in our soils.  Carbon is the energy, the lifeblood of our soil. Without it, the whole biological system is compromised and therefore gives way to nutrition and disease problems.  Problems in the plants lead to less nutrition being delivered to our bodies.

Scientists, nutritionists, and farmers all over the world have joined together to teach this simple message of “nutrition farming,” a message that there is an easier, less costly system to increase soil quality and biodiversity while producing nutritious and profitable farm products.  We can restore the carbon in our soil by returning our soils to the carbon cycle. When we do, we will also unlock the awesome, holistic power of nature to rebuild itself. Our costs will dramatically decrease as we increase the quality of our plants and their natural immune systems. The health of our children is directly related to the health of the soils in which our food is grown.  Learn the simple and sustainable methods of nutrition farming today.

This column is sponsored by Guardian Soil Solutions.

BIO:  Josh Young is a proud former U.S. Marine and native of Plant City, Florida.  His passion for helping growers led him to co-found Guardian Soil Solutions, a full-service agribusiness that focuses on soil health.  Josh’s love of agriculture stems from his earliest days on his granddaddy’s farm. For more information about Josh and Guardian Soil solutions, visit

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