PCFB | President’s column (September 2012)

AFFORDABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND SUSTAINABILITY are all ideas that we constantly strive for in the agriculture industry. Whether it’s the goal of providing affordable food and fiber to consumers, promoting land stewardship and sensible resource management practices, or seeking innovative and effective ways to grow and sustain our economy, all are essential goals for successful farming and ranching operations. Balancing these goals with sound, responsible business decisions are challenges we all face.

Polk County Farm Bureau representatives recently met with members of the Polk County Board of County Commissioners on the proposed Stormwater Assessment Fee and appreciated the opportunity to share our thoughts and concerns. While the protection of our natural resources is vital to all of us — especially farmers, ranchers, and property owners — a thorough assessment of truly necessary and potentially effective improvements is warranted prior to any additional tax increases. In this particular case, our County Commission listened to citizens and decided to pursue informed and responsible reasoning as opposed to hasty decision making. Polk County Farm Bureau will continue to seek open dialogue with elected officials while keeping the goals of affordability, accountability, and sustainability in mind.

During election years, PCFB recognizes the need to support candidates that seem to appreciate the agriculture industry and its significant impact on our economy. We look for candidates who will acknowledge the overwhelming challenges that unnecessary or overreaching regulations can create and those who will look for sensible solutions to any issue that we may face.

While all candidates are given careful consideration and their talents are acknowledged as well as appreciated, the purpose of a PCFB political endorsement is to show the unified support of a particular candidate by the bipartisan membership of the Polk County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. In order for PCFB to endorse a candidate, a three-quarters majority vote of all duly elected directors is required, and therefore an endorsement might not be issued in every race.

All November election candidates running within Polk County districts have been invited to the Polk County Farm Bureau 70th Annual Membership Meeting and Political Forum scheduled for October 11, beginning at 5:00 p.m., at the W.H. Stuart Center in Bartow. Please plan to attend and call Sharon Wheeler at (863) 533-0671, ext. 112, or email sharonw@pcfb.org to RSVP for this event.



Leslie W. Dunson, III, is president of the Polk County Farm Bureau.

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