Plan Your Estate Evaluation in Advance

It has been a busy month! September has been wall to wall with calls on everything from a hardware business to major motels and, of course, all of the estate sales that are everyday calls.

For my entire career, we have done evaluations for estates, divorce settlements, and liquidations for businesses. I am even getting a lot of requests to be named in the will to liquidate estates upon the death of the client. This is a service that we have always provided, so it’s not a problem. It is a good idea to have us come out and do an evaluation now so your trustee has some idea of what he or she is dealing with. Many times, the remaining spouse has no idea of the value and unfortunately winds up selling or giving away a tremendous amount of value because they didn’t know any different.

Another situation that happens with estates is when the property is to be given to colleges, churches, or other charitable organizations. This is always a good idea to get these arrangements in advance to lay out how the estate is to be handled and the time frame in which it is to be accomplished.  Time is not always on your side, so get someone on it immediately!

This week, we were called to look at an estate. When we arrived to meet the family member, we found that the building was broken into and destroyed. We have been to dozens of these situations. Remember that as soon as activity ceases at any location, that is an invitation to thieves. Copper thieves will take the air conditioner before the funeral. Kids will break in and vandalize everything inside, and if they are caught, they will be released and sent home before the police can finish the paperwork. I tell you this not to scare you but to make you aware of what can happen.  

We have an upcoming firearm sale with the finest collection we have ever had! A number of the guns are worth $8,000 to $25,000. This sale is on September 18, so don’t miss it! We have auctions coming up in Missouri, Florida, California, and Arizona. Be sure to check our website, as it frequently changes! We look forward to hearing from you!

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