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Summer winding down means winding up for planting

IT SEEMS HARD to believe that the summer is already winding down. However, with some great weather ahead of us, now is the time to start some planting for the fall. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful and healthy.

We have a wide variety of annual flowers and vegetable plants to help improve your outdoor area. Make sure to prepare your plant beds with plenty of compost, manure, peat, and bone meal. Also, scatter mole cricket and cut worm bait or carbaryl granules three to four days before planting. Let Doty’s perform a complimentary pH check on your soil before planting.

Remember that trees and shrubs transplant and grow easily now. Using root stimulator when transplanting will eliminate most of the shock. Check regularly for insects and diseases and treat them accordingly. Take note that leaf-eating caterpillars frequently have a heavy outbreak in the fall.

During this time, chinch bugs, web worms, mole crickets, and fungus are all active in lawns. Check often and treat quickly. Seed, plug, or sod any bad lawn areas while grass is still growing. Woody trees and shrubs will also benefit from nutritional spray. September also is a very important time for lawn fertilization. Stop by Doty’s and we will ensure that you are using only quality lawn fertilizer.


column by BILL DOTY

BIO: William R. “Bill” Doty is the owner of Doty’s Farm and Garden Supply, Inc., in Winter Haven. Founded in 1954, Doty’s has been there for every one of it loyal customers’ budding needs. Bill graduated from Winter Haven High School and then Florida State University, where he learned invaluable lessons in listening, asking questions, and reading anything related to the family business. Bill shares his knowledge with his customers daily and the readers of Central Florida Ag News each month.

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