The proof is in the pictures

In land management and farming, there is always something new that comes along. It is crucial to stay on top of your crops and know exactly what needs to be done and when.

One comment I seem to routinely get is, “Well, we have been trying something new for a while.” However, when I ask questions like, “How long, at what rates, and where is the control group?” I get answers that are sometimes a little scary. I hear such things as, “Well, for a while … I am not sure, a different person does it sometimes,” and other responses along those lines.

In any type of land use and growing operation, you must give the crop or plant and the land time to adjust. It is unrealistic to expect to fertilize one time and see a long-term difference, just as spraying one time and anticipating a long-term decline in pests is not possible. The pictures seen above show two citrus resets. One of the resets is 12 months old and has had limited care, while the other is six months old and is on a strict fertilizing and watering routine. Simply by comparing the pictures, the advantages can be clearly seen.

It is unmistakable that constant, thorough, and well-planned land and crop care will always prevail.



BIO: Brad Weihrauch is a Polk County native. He grew up around a family business of agriculture and customer service. After Winter Haven High School, he went on to complete his education at Polk Community College and Warner Southern College. After serving 17 years in customer service for a large retailer, Weihrauch returned to his agriculture roots and founded RWC, an agri-service and management company, in 2002.

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