Ben Adams, Jr.

Proud of a Past That Serves the Future

Do you remember the last century? We called it the 1900s. Sounds a little weird when it’s put that way, doesn’t it? 


Referring to 21 years ago as “the last century” makes it sound so far away. In some cases it is — freshman college students weren’t born in the 1900s; but in some cases, “the last century” can distort the facts on the ground.


According to a September article in the trade publication Supply Chain Dive, 78 percent of U.S. cold storage warehouses were built in the — gasp! — 1900s, which, the article intimates, means that most of these facilities ”lack the qualities of modern cold operations.”


As a company with facilities that straddle both centuries, Adams Cold Storage reflects the quality that is built to last as well as the cutting edge technology of today.


Our original, 200,000-square-foot dock high facility was built in the late 1960s and was expanded in the 1980s, maintaining a clear ceiling height of 25 feet. We completely reinsulated the rooms where needed. We also overhauled our industry-standard ammonia refrigeration system with current technology that maximizes safe operation and constantly monitors the run-time efficiencies and operating parameters. It’s the same technology that buildings built in 2020 use. Let’s put it this way: We can control our systems over the phone. The facility has been modernized.


That’s not to say we aren’t equally proud of our new facility, too. Our 52,000-square-foot building was built in 2017. With an eave height of 42 feet, and equipped for narrow aisle turret trucks, this facility represents 40 percent of our existing facility cubic feet in a footprint, but only 26 percent the square footage of the older facility. Consider this: The new facility can hold nearly 7,000 pallets of racked product. We would need twice as much square footage to do that in the existing lower-ceiling facility.


We’re doing more with less, and we’re keeping an eye for the future. The 2017 facility was designed for expansion, and we have enough property to add an additional 35,000 square feet of high cube freezer/cooler.


So whether we’re talking the last century, the modern age or the future, Adams Cold Storage has been there, is currently there, and is looking forward to being there.

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