Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Growing ‘Fresh From Florida’

MORE THAN 47,000 farms in Florida work day in and day out to produce the food and fiber that Florida — and the world — depend on. Florida agriculture produces a variety of products — nearly 300 different commodities — and generates more than $120 billion in annual economic impact. As Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, one of my most important missions is to strengthen and grow Florida’s agriculture industry.

Through the “Fresh From Florida” brand, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services raises awareness for the high-quality products we produce in Florida and promotes the sale of Florida commodities. From TV commercials and digital advertisings to in-store promotions and so much more, we’re showing that it’s possible to cook quick, easy meals with fresh Florida ingredients.

This year, we launched the second statewide TV and online marketing campaign in as many years to highlight “Fresh From Florida” produce, seafood, and more. The ads play across the state during strategic programming and feature new recipes that consumers can use to make quick, healthy meals for themselves and their families.

We also continue to promote “Fresh From Florida” products directly to consumers through retail campaigns. We’ve partnered with 65 retail partners with more than 12,000 stores worldwide to market Florida products at point-of-purchase, giving Florida-grown products a competitive advantage over others. In fact, we recently announced that Publix, the largest supermarket chain in Florida, produced its one-millionth “Fresh From Florida” in-store promotion. Also, Kroger, the country’s largest supermarket chain, recently announced “Fresh From Florida” online coupons and in-store advertising in more than 300 Kroger stores in seven states.

Florida growers who participate in the “Fresh From Florida” program benefit from more than the advertisements and partnerships. Members of the “Fresh From Florida” program can also display the widely recognized, eye-catching logo on product packaging and signage. The logo associates the products with Florida agriculture’s worldwide image of high quality and freshness.

Many point-of-purchase and retail display materials to promote Florida products are available for free to “Fresh From Florida” program members. In addition, members are eligible for incentives to offset a portion of consumer packaging and carton printing costs if the “Fresh From Florida” message is included.

I am excited about the success and momentum of the “Fresh From Florida” campaign, and I know that we’re having a positive impact on Florida’s entire agriculture industry. I encourage Florida’s farmers, growers, and ranchers to join the “Fresh From Florida” program to support our efforts, as well as reap the benefits of these recharged and exciting new programs.

I value your partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and your continued support for our efforts. To learn more about the “Fresh From Florida” program and view the latest advertisements, visit


article by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture ADAM H. PUTNAM

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