Reasons Why a Farmer Needs a Lawyer

Lawyers don’t fix tractors, plant seed, or pull calves, but they are an important component of any ag operation.

On the outside, agriculture seems pretty cut-and-dry: you grow a crop or you raise livestock, sell it, and start again next year. However, those in agriculture know that it’s a complex industry with many different aspects and considerations. Many of those aspects and considerations also include legal issues concerning agricultural law. It is in these areas that make having a lawyer an important part of an ag operation.

Having a lawyer on hand for your ag-operation provides farmers and growers with many advantages.

Advice on Agritourism
Agritourism is one way for ag operations to diversify and maintain profits, and many in agriculture are keen on starting a corn maze, hunting lease, farm store, or other agritourism option. However, these options come with a slew of legal issues, such as liability, food laws, lease agreement rights, and more.

Legal Assistance for Land Transactions
Farming and ranching are land-focused endeavors, and there are a myriad of issue concerning land that benefits from a lawyer’s assistance, such as buying/selling real estate, land trusts, land leases, and land use issues.

Assistance with Complex Legal Issues
Agriculture and its issues are becoming more and more complex. A lawyer can assist with areas such as water law, real estate, business succession planning, estate planning, and environmental laws.

Protecting Farmers’ Rights and Operations
There are many different groups and organizations that would like to have a greater say in how those in agriculture run their operations. Environmental groups, anti-GMO organizations, and animal rights groups are lobbying the government to affect how agricultural operations are run. Farmers and ranchers need to have a seat at that table as well, and a lawyer can make sure that those in agriculture have a legal voice in all issues.

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