Building a reliable barn, storage unit, or outbuilding for your small farm

THERE ARE few industries where infrastructure is as important as in agriculture. From large operations to small, a reliable barn, storage unit, or other outbuilding is a must. Barns, sheds, and other buildings are especially important for the growth of any ag operation — regardless of size.

Outbuildings like barns, sheds, carports, and storage units can have one purpose or they can function as multipurpose spaces. First and foremost, durable outbuildings offer a safe place to store the machinery, tools, equipment, and supplies that are part and parcel of any ag operation. It provides protection against the elements, rust, rodents, and other critters and more. Similarly, barns and sheds can also hold the “fruits” of any ag production’s labor before it goes to the buyer (if it doesn’t have to be temperature controlled).

Additionally, ag operations with animals can utilize barns and outbuildings as protection for their flocks, herds, and other livestock. Lastly, outbuildings like barns and sheds improve the worth of a property as they can do double duty for residential users — protecting vehicles, boats, and RVs and offering storage — at any time in the life of the building and surrounding property.

Acquiring well-built structures that stand the tests of time is especially important for smaller operations that are looking to grow. Whether you are a backyard grower investing in a hobby farm, a family-owned operation hoping to expand and diversify, or someone just getting into agriculture, it’s a smart idea to look into getting a barn or other outbuilding now so that you’ll be ready when you need it.

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column by RON TISDAL

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