Resolution Idea – Be a Hunter On a Mission

It’s a new year, and many people are looking to improve themselves in some way or another.  It’s a time for reflection, for considering our paths and resolving to do more for ourselves and our communities.  Here at the Wild Game Food Bank, we are committed to connecting hunters with the needy by making it possible to donate their wild game to organizations that can use the meat to help feed the hungry.  We encourage hunters to partake in their favorite pastime while making sure good meat doesn’t go to waste.

Here in Florida, there are several animals that can be hunted year-round, so hunters can enjoy their sport while making regular contributions to Wild Game Food Bank.  Wild hogs, for example, make excellent donations.  The hogs are considered an invasive species and destroy the habitats of native Florida creatures as well as Florida farmland, so hunting hogs is encouraged.  They are found in every Florida county and can be trapped or shot without hunting.

Rabbits can also be taken year-round, and up to 12 can be taken daily using any legal rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, crossbow, bow, or pistol.  Unfortunately, we do not accept donations of rabbit meat or other small game, but they can still be a fun side project to hunt.

We appreciate all of the hunters on a mission to help feed others that keep our organization running smoothly year-round.  Field-dressed hogs are a great boon to the organizations that we provide meat to.  We have locations in Polk, DeSoto, and Hillsborough counties ready to accept your harvests.  This is a great time to get out and enjoy the thrill of the hunt and make a valuable contribution to your community.

This column is sponsored by Wild Game Food Bank.

BIO: Caitlin Meadows is the founder of Wild Game Food Bank.  She proudly serves the community in this capacity while enjoying life as a wife, mom, and REALTOR®.  A UF graduate and Gainesville native, Caitlin has called Polk County home for the last ten years.  Her husband, an avid hunter and Polk County native, is what helped fuel the inspiration behind WGFB.  Caitlin and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors with their son, attending church, and managing their cattle.  To learn more about WGFB, go to                

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