Ben Adams, Jr.

Safely Moving Forward

We are entering the latter half of 2020 and, contrary to what you may be hearing, there are signs that the sputtering restart to the economy is gaining momentum. 


Here at ACS, we have seen a sporadic increase in interstate food service product shipments to restaurants and hotels as people begin to venture out and travel. The retail and grocery product shipments continue to remain strong and, in some cases, are growing.


However, as most of you are aware, there have been recent spikes in positive COVID-19 cases in Florida. While some rise was expected, this news should give us all pause for concern and should reinforce the commitment to continue safety practices as we move forward.


At ACS, this commitment includes the continuation of the things we excel in: health and safety for everyone who walks or rolls into our gates. We continue to monitor employee temperatures daily, and question any possible exposure to the virus. We require masks inside all buildings, particularly whenever distancing cannot be safely accomplished in the performance of our warehousing functions. Some tasks require people to be in close proximity to be done to the safety standard that we require. We are not going to compromise that standard; instead we will increase our diligence to make sure everyone remains healthy.


We have started to require appointments for visitors and vendors. No one is allowed onto the site unless by appointment. All visitors and vendors have their temperature taken when they arrive. And everyone — visitor, vendor, and employee alike — live by the “3W rule”: Wash hands, Wear masks, Watch your distance. This is enforced before, during, and after any meeting.


Is it perfect? It’s as close as we can get based on our research and, we are happy to report, the cooperation from everyone — visitors, vendors, and drivers has been extraordinary. They recognize that these small duties have a big impact in the overall goal we all seek: The continued health and safety of our customers and the continued recovery of our economy.


Slow growth is still growth. Let’s continue to be safe and move forward into the summer, through the fall and into the 


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