Simple steps for assessing staff needs

Simple steps for assessing staff needs

Last month we discussed the importance of attracting and keeping your customers. Now let’s take a look at those individuals on the front line of your business whom you depend on to make your patrons happy and eager to return. A good staff member can make all the difference in the world in both positive and negative ways.

It’s essential to be actively reviewing staffing levels and deciding if you need to bring anyone new on board. You want to ensure that you have enough employees to handle the amount of business that is coming through the door. The last thing you want is for customers to get a bad impression simply because you are understaffed.

Also, make sure you consider your current employees to confirm that the right people are in the right positions. Every person has their own different set of strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to target those positive areas and place an employee in a position that will best suit the needs of your business.

An indispensable part of running a business is to constantly strive to get better and improve. Think about possible skills to strengthen in key employees, including you. If there is any way to help the business perform better, don’t hesitate to take action.



BIO: Baxter Troutman is founder and chief executive officer of Labor Solutions, a staffing company with offices in Bartow, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, and Arcadia. A citrus grower who served in the Florida House of Representatives, Troutman understands the challenges and concerns of today’s farmer.

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