Ben Adams, Jr.

Spring Cleaning Is a Little Different Around Here

It’s May and if you haven’t noticed: It’s hot. The wonderful spring weather these past few weeks has morphed into mild mornings and sweaty afternoons. Heat isn’t our enemy, per se, it’s more like a pesky foe we just have to keep our eyes on.


At this time of the year at Adams Cold Storage, we’re coming out of a bit of what we like to call “Spring Cleaning.” On top of our normal maintenance routines that keep all of our facilities on the cutting edge of Cold Storage technology and safety, we use this change in the weather as an opportunity to do a little deep cleaning.


Deep cleaning for us means examining every bolt and every connector and making sure they are lubed and tightened. We check all the solenoids and make sure they are functioning at their best. We replace all the pressure valves to make sure they stay tight; we also tighten up all the motor mounts to keep things running smoothly. We check and replace, as needed, all surge protectors because, as a lifelong resident of Central Florida, we know that storms and lightning can come quickly and unexpectedly.


We also take special note of the roof. With all of the heat bearing down on top all day — combined with the coolness under it — there is a lot of expansion and contraction. We have to stay on top of the roof (literally!) to make sure it stays healthy and weather-tight. A small leak in the roof can be a big leak in our bank account.


We also like to take this time to check in with our electricity provider to make sure they know we’re ramping up our demand for refrigeration. During the summer months, mechanically we maintain double redundancy in our refrigeration system because we know there will be increased demand to keep the warehouse cold.


All of these things are part of the normal Spring routine. They make good business sense for us and our partners. Like the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s true. At the same time, though, at Adams Cold Storage, we do this not just for our business, but because it’s just the right thing to do. We always seek to do right for our partners who rely on us, and the public, who rely on them.

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