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Springtime in Central Florida: Let’s Get Planting

The weather here in Central Florida has been running hot and cold lately, but one thing is for sure – spring is just around the corner! Spring is a time of rebirth and growth, so what does that mean for your garden? Well, it’s a good time to do some planting, for one thing!


March is the perfect time to get your vegetables and other tender annuals started. Go ahead and plan out your seasonal flower beds and start prepping the soil for your vegetable plot. Adding organic material such as compost, manure, or peat to the soil will help the bed retain moisture, thereby reducing their need for water. Get a few bags of mulch to cover the area after planting, too.


Many plants need a little extra fertilizer in their diet, and now is the time to apply it. If you are growing azaleas or camellias, use a special acid fertilizer after they have bloomed. Afterward, shape your azalea bush by pruning it. To keep your palm trees healthy and beautifully green, make sure to give them extra magnesium, manganese, and potash. Woody shrubs and trees (especially fruit trees) will benefit from a thorough spraying with a good nutritional spray as well.


As you care for your pretty flowers and stately shrubs, don’t forget to give your lawn some attention, too. It’s probably starving right now! Treat it right by fertilizing it with a good quality 16-4-8 formulation, as long as no fungus is present. Take a look at your lawnmower and evaluate the condition of the blades. Are they getting dull or rusty? Time to sharpen or replace them! You don’t want to accidentally destroy your lovely lawn with dull lawn mower blades or by cutting the grass too short.


As always, Doty Farm and Garden is here to answer any questions you may have about your lawn and garden. Come visit us in Winter Haven any time!


BIO: William R. “Bill” Doty is the owner of Doty Farm and Garden Supply Inc. Founded in 1954, Doty Farm and Garden Supply, Inc. has been there for every one of their loyal customer’s budding needs.  Bill Graduated from Winter Haven H.S. and then Florida State University, where he learned invaluable lessons in listening, asking questions, and reading anything related to the family business.  Bill shares his knowledge with his customers daily and our readers each month.


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