Katie Hennessy

State Offers EIA/Coggins Test Verification Cards

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services now offers Equine Infectious Anemia test verification cards. These laminated cards are available for horse owners as proof of a negative EIA (coggins) status for their horse. They are convenient to have when trail riding or going to shows within Florida because they are small enough to slip into your wallet or pocket. 


How can these cards be used?

These cards are accepted only within Florida and will have the same expiration date as a horse’s original EIA (coggins) test. The card is not valid for change of ownership, so if you are selling or purchasing a horse, you will need the original coggins report.


How to apply and what are the requirements?

To apply for your card, check out the FDACS website (Document Extension Options for Equine Movement). You will need to submit an application, three digital photos of your horse (the same style as the ones on your coggins test) and pay the $5 fee. You can mail or email all the required information.


EIA recap

There’s no vaccine to protect against the virus that causes EIA, nor is there any treatment available. If a horse is diagnosed with EIA, it must either be quarantined for life under strict isolation or humanely euthanized. Although a positive case is rare, diligent testing and monitoring is key to keeping it that way. Most horses that contract EIA don’t show any clinical signs, so testing and proof of your horse’s negative status is essential for transport, competing and even to ride on some trails. If you have any concerns or want to learn more about EIA and why testing is so important, speak with your veterinarian or check out the Florida Department of Agriculture website at www.bit.ly/EIA_Polk_Equine.

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