Katie Hennessy

Stay on Top of Horse Health With Wellness Checkups

A thorough annual health exam is a way to keep your horse healthy and stay ahead of any issues that may develop. Generally, the exam is performed at the same time as your horse’s annual vaccinations and Coggins test. This exam allows your veterinarian to closely evaluate your horse’s health and assist in the early detection and prompt treatment of any developing problems. 

During the annual wellness examination overall health, weight concerns, skin or breathing issues, metabolic concerns, arthritis, laminitis, and other diseases can be evaluated or tested for. Obesity, in particular, is a major predisposing factor for numerous other diseases in our equine companions. During a general health check, your veterinarian will perform a thorough examination of your horse’s heart, lungs, coat, skin, gait, foot balance, legs, and a basic examination of their teeth.

If your vet determines there’s anything of concern, then further investigations can be undertaken such as blood tests, radiographs, or a dental float. As a general rule, most horses need their teeth floated at least every two years. Certain tests allow you to diagnose the early onset of some diseases or disorders. Early intervention can slow the progression or possibly even allow corrective or curative treatment to be performed. 

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