The perfect place to store your recreational gear

FALL IN FLORIDA offers near-perfect weather for enjoying the great outdoors. The summer rains are tapering off, the average temperatures are more comfortable, and many in the ag industry are not in the busiest time of harvest season and can carve out a little recreation and family fun!

Florida offers so many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. Hunting seasons for deer, turkey, and other critters are opening around the state, Florida’s extensive lakes combined with the Gulf and Atlantic waters make for many fishing and boating opportunities, and the miles of trails and wonders located in the area’s state parks and natural attractions beckon hikers, campers, four-wheelers, RVers, and horse riders.

However, you need to make sure you plan for the protection of all your recreational gear, so that it works just as well next fall — and the next, and so on — as it did this fall. Having a dedicated metal outbuilding for your RV, boat, four-wheeler, and other recreational gear has many advantages:

• Provides shelter from rot-causing rain, damaging hail and winds, and the powerful rays of the sun.

• Protection from rodents and insects.

• Keeps your toys and gear safe from thieves.

• Saves space in other places, like your garage.

• You always know where your important gear is stowed or parked.

• Saves on possible storage fees for larger items.

U.S. Quality Steel Barns & Garages offers an array of tough and durable barns, garages, and other outbuildings to meet all your work and recreational needs so you can play as hard as you work.

This column is sponsored by USA Quality Steel Barns & Garages.


column by RON TISDAL

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