A structure that is strong and durable

MOST AREAS of the country have an environment that can be hard on buildings and structures in some form or another; Florida is no exception. The Sunshine State’s hot weather, significant rainfall, and frequent thunderstorms, hurricanes, and the occasional tornado mean that our structures have to be well built using quality materials in order to stand up to Florida’s tropical weather. USA Quality Barns & Garages utilizes the highest-quality steel in our buildings. It makes for a structure that is both strong and durable, which allows us to offer a 20-year warranty.

After you choose the building to fit your needs from our diverse selection of carports, RV ports, garages, barns, and warehouses, our specialized crew starts putting together the frame. Consisting of base rails, walls, and roof supports, the frame is made from either 14-gauge or 12-gauge extra heavy-duty square tubular steel that is maintenance free.

Then, the siding and roofing are added to the building’s frame. The panels are made of 29-guage or heavy-duty 26-guage poly-coated steel, which is fade-resistant and durable. We also offer certified options, which can handle up to an either 130- or 150-mph wind load.

Lastly, the building is finished with hurricane anchors to ensure your building stays put. The anchors are heavy-duty, solid screws that are machine drilled approximately three feet into the ground around the building. Then, each hurricane anchor is bolted to the building’s steel base rails. From top to bottom, we create a strong, durable building that can handle anything Florida weather throws at it.


column by RON TISDAL

BIO: With 15 years of building experience, Ron Tisdal is the owner of USA Quality Steel Barns & Garages. Visit their website at www.USABARNSANDGARAGES.com. You can also contact Ron via email at rontisdal@usaqsb.com or by phone at (863) 978-8586.