Summertime for citrus: Your irrigation check-up

ALTHOUGH SUMMER is when most Florida citrus growers take a collective sigh of relief after the harvest season, it’s still a busy time for the industry, and it’s one where farmers should pay close attention to irrigation and water usage. Since citrus harvesting is at its end, it’s time to start preparation for next season’s growth. It’s also a crucial time for water management and irrigation checkups.

With the challenges of HLB (a.k.a., citrus greening) combined with a growing concern for water conservation in Florida, it’s essential to make sure that 1) groves are getting enough nutrients and water, and 2) that irrigation systems are working at optimum levels by providing the ideal amount of water with minimal runoff and waste.

What water’s importance boils down to is that a broken or faulty irrigation component can spell disaster for a grove’s health and fruit production. During the summer months, land management is a must for controlling weeds that compete for water resources. Then, ensure irrigation systems are in working order. If any components require repair or replacement, contact us. Domer’s offers an array of irrigation components, from fittings and index valves to drippers, misters, k-rain sprinklers and timers to guarantee the irrigation system is working perfectly.

This column is sponsored by Domer’s, Inc.


column by JUSTIN DOMER

BIO: Brothers Jacob and Justin Domer are the fourth generation to step into the shoes of great-grandfather Victor Domer, the original owner of Domer’s, Inc. Both were raised in the business, learning the trade alongside studies at Okeechobee High School. Justin holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Business minor from FSU. Jacob attended Indian River State College. Both men consider running the business a team effort. The two brothers, along with the rest of the Domer family, enjoy working alongside each other and helping their customers.

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