The Symbiotic Relationship of Plants and Soil

Nature has a specific design!  All life on Earth works together in a symbiotic relationship to serve a better purpose.  Soil contains trillions of living organisms, each with a specific role in mining minerals, processing sugars, and protecting the roots of whichever plant species is growing above them. 

With such a heavy workload, life can become very chaotic and stressful for these living organisms.  As a result, the plant becomes much less resistant to pests and disease.  Soil biology has the same requirements as human biology to be happy and working at its highest potential.  It needs a good home, lots of oxygen, fresh drinking water, nutritious, mineral-rich food, and a strong community around it. 

Your plants know this!  So, they work hard all day capturing sunlight with their solar panels (leaves), which mixes with CO2 to deliver a buffet of sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates.  It is then dosed out in specific combinations to feed the specific health needs of the plant.  After being properly nourished, your soil will jump to life and build massive factories, which turn sugars from the plant roots into food and build a healthy immune system for the plant.  When your soil is functioning at this high of a level, the plant will enjoy the benefits of a perfect, disease and pest-free growing environment.  By the plant’s willingness to give away some of the food it had created, it was able to receive a significant return on its investment.  With the nutrition level now perfectly balanced, the plant will be able to do what God put it on this earth to do, which is to reproduce a seed, nurture it, and watch it grow to its potential.  

When we take a few steps back from our busy lives, we realize that we are a part of this vast ecosystem we call nature.  We also were all put on this earth to serve together for a greater purpose.  When we realize that our diversity was by design and that we all have a unique role to play, we will be able to rebuild strong, healthy soil that gives the glory to the true Master Artist.



This column is sponsored by Guardian Soil Solutions.


BIO:  Josh Young is a proud former U.S. Marine and native of Plant City, Florida.  His passion for helping growers led him to co-found Guardian Soil Solutions, a full-service agribusiness that focuses on soil health.  Josh’s love of agriculture stems from his earliest days on his granddaddy’s farm.  For more information about Josh and Guardian Soil solutions, visit


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