Ben Adams Jr.

Ben Adams, Jr.

PRWs and the Sanitary Transport Rule

LAST MONTH’S COLUMN began a discussion of the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods Rule (the Sanitary Transport Rule, or STF), one of the seven pillar rules embodied by the sweeping Food Safety Modernization Act that became law in January 2011.

Ben Adams, Jr.

Goals in mind when shipping in the food supply chain

PRODUCERS AND SUPPLIERS of refrigerated and frozen food products have several goals in mind when their freshly made and packed items are ready for shipment to points all around the nation and, often, to places all around the world. Those goals include:

Ben Adams, Jr.

The proposed Safe Food Act of 2015, Part II

LAST MONTH, we introduced the topic of the proposed Safe Food Act (SFA) of 2015. The legislation, a move to merge the nation’s 15 food-safety agencies into one massive new agency, has been filed in Congress for the fifth time. This month, we’ll share why the bill likely won’t get anywhere — again.

Ben Adams, Jr.

The proposed Safe Food Act of 2015

MANY WILL REMEMBER the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Established in 2002 as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America a year earlier, DHS combined 22 different federal departments and agencies into one huge Cabinet-level agency. As massive as that government shift was, its impact has been felt mostly by …

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Ben Adams, Jr.

Recent surge in refrigerated warehouse facilities

MORE MOUTHS TO FEED globally and higher per-capita income in the world’s two most populous countries were leading factors in a recent surge of construction in refrigerated warehouse facilities worldwide. The numbers are huge!

Ben Adams, Jr.

Forklifts on ‘tracks’ in the warehouse

YOU’VE HEARD of trains and trolleys on tracks, but how about forklifts on tracks? It’s a fairly new phenomenon in warehousing and, like many new things in business, the technology is designed to create efficiencies.

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