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A note of thanks from Adams Cold Storage

THIS MONTH marks Adams Cold Storage’s fifth year of business in the cold storage and distribution industry. We have many to thank for our success and are humbled by the


Important lingo of the cold storage operation, Part II

LAST MONTH, we introduced you to a few of the terms common to the public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) and cold supply chain industries, and we promised we would continue the


Supporting the Farm to School program, Part I

The Florida Farm to School program. You might have heard about it, particularly if you kept up with the 2010 election campaign for Florida agriculture commissioner. The successful candidate, Bartow’s


The National School Lunch Program and the food chain, Part II

Last issue, we discussed the magnitude of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the role Adams Cold Storage (ACS) played these past and current years in a very strict,


Refrigeration standards in the food supply chain

Food products and ingredients of all sorts move through the food supply chain (FSC) daily, and so much of it is quickly perishable, making freezing or refrigeration necessary from the