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Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Rolling out a multifaceted plan for continued support of Florida citrus

FLORIDA IS KNOWN for its white sandy beaches, world-class attractions, and (my personal favorite) citrus. Look no further than Florida’s official license plate, with its image of two oranges and


Growing your business in 2015 starts with a plan

AS YOU REFLECT on 2014 and begin planning for 2015, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your business and personal financial plans. Your financial life encompasses much more than the

Web Exclusive

@griTech: Using Smartphone Apps for Better Irrigation Practices

| CFAN August/September 2013 Web Exclusive Feature | A lot of people today use smartphones and mobile app technology to have up-to-date information right at their fingertips, but not every


Combatting disease with faith, science, and determination

| Growers dig deep as greening takes its toll | Early fruit drop jarred the citrus industry this season as growers battle the bacterial disease citrus greening, also known as


Recipe Spotlight: A tribute to citrus and seafood combinations

Ham and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, citrus and fish . . . some things just go together, even if we don’t usually think so. We’re lucky in Florida to


The Birth of an Industry

Traveling back 500 years to the beginning of Florida citrus To taste citrus today and to take in its fragrance is to taste history. Wherever citrus was planted, their aromatic


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: A race against time

Citrus makes up roughly $9 billion of Florida agriculture’s $100 billion yearly contribution to the economy and provides more than 75,000 jobs to Floridians. For decades, citrus has been synonymous


Florida Roots: The Latt Maxcy Heritage

In the city of Frostproof, The Friendly City, Latimer Maxcy established one of the largest land holdings in the state with one of the most influential citrus groves and substantial


The Green Monster: At War with a Potentially Devastating Citrus Disease

Jerry Newlin has weathered many disease outbreaks in the citrus industry, from canker to Tristeza and Blossom Blight, but citrus greening has proven the worst outbreak he’s seen, and the