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Annual citrus report 2015

More than just a symbol of hope, growers keep up the fight against citrus greening THE ROUNDUP of news on the most recent harvesting season is in keeping with the


Publisher Letter: Your Blueberry Roundup edition

WELCOME TO the Annual Blueberry Roundup edition of Central Florida Ag News! As a Florida blueberry grower myself, this edition has personal meaning to me. Some of the experiences of


A great move for our industry

WHEN IT COMES to young people, you can’t teach them too much about agriculture and you can’t have too many of them getting into the business. Agriculture has so much


Commissioner’s AgriCorner: Planting the seeds for growth in the Florida ag industry

Florida agriculture has played an important role in Florida’s 500-year history, providing food and fiber for the people of Florida, the United States and around the world. Today, Florida agriculture


Publisher Letter: More on the sweet spot for Florida agriculture

THE ANNUAL AGRITECHNOLOGY EDITION of Central Florida Ag News is here! If you’ve ever been within earshot when I’m talking about Florida’s agritechnology sector, you may have heard me use


A lifelong career with Florida agriculture

In the photo: At the Polk County Farm Bureau Harvest Celebration, Ray Crawford, left and in inset photo, receives an award from PCFB President Les Dunson for his many years


PCFB President’s Column: Election year requires engagement by ag community

As the summer weather heats up in an election year, so does the political climate. I hope all of you as agriculture industry members and Florida residents will be vigilant