The Estate Experience From Start to Finish

Dealing with estates is a large portion of our business. This includes real estate, furniture, collections, equipment, autos, coins, jewelry … the list goes on.  

When you lose a spouse or a parent, that in itself is a traumatic experience that many people have a hard time with. Add to that the responsibility of handling the home, farm, business, whatever it may be, plus the legal ramifications of dealing with the government issues and it can be overwhelming for many people.

This is where we can be of service. We handle the entire estate from start to finish! It begins right up front with an evaluation of the holdings. The attorney will then process the paperwork for tax purposes.

We provide an auctioneer’s estimation of value for the complete estate, tell you what to expect in value and the time it will take to accomplish a sale and submit the funds. This does a number of things immediately. In the case of absentee ownership, we secure and maintain the property until sale day. This includes maintenance of grounds, buildings, home equipment, etc. This is very important because in our experience, as soon as there is a death, that is an invitation for neighbors, friends, and relatives to come and take anything that has not been nailed down.  

We have successfully handled estates all over America. We just sold properties in California, Florida, and Missouri. We sell by auction method, and our experience has been that we receive 10% to 50% more than you can get any other way. We can save you emotional turmoil, time, and a huge amount of money over what you would pay if you were to get these services independently. We are licensed and insured and have 62 years of experience. We are happy to do a free consultation, and we’re just a phone call away!


See you at the auction!

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