Ben Adams, Jr.

Trust, but Verify

There is a saying that’s been on my mind lately: “Trust … but verify.”


It’s not a unique saying. I’m sure most who are involved in business have either heard it, said it, or both. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I see two parts to this saying, and both parts are vital. 


“Trust … but verify” has been in my thoughts this month because it’s our annual audit with  BRCGS — the main governing body that provides the standards through which all facilities like ours need to live up to.


This highlights the first part of the saying: You can trust the verification process. 


For us, that means meeting or exceeding the most thorough and stringent standards in our industry. BRCGS’ audit covers every portion of what we do — from how we train our workers on the rules and regulations that govern our business to the appearance — and the actual number of — cobwebs in the facility as well as everything in between.


I’m happy to report that there were absolutely no cobwebs in the facility. 


In fact, as we have done since Adams Cold Storage started, we passed the audit and were awarded the highest possible standard. We were the first in Florida — and fourth in the country — to receive the highest rating a decade ago, and we’ve continued to do so. Of course, that string of success is only possible through the hard work and dedication of the people who work at Adams Cold Storage. I continue to be proud of every member of our staff.


The successful audit results lead to the second part of the saying: Verification strengthens trust.


We have verifiable proof that our customers can trust us. However, that’s just one part of the process. While the trust is strengthened by the high standards we keep, it is also built on the relationships we forge with our client partners. Our partners trust us not only because we exceed industry standards, but also because they know we’ll do our best to meet their unique needs and get their great product where it needs to go: On time. Every time.

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