The Vital Component

The second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust… Found in varying concentrations in virtually all biological systems… Silicon is everywhere. Although there has been a fair amount of research into the integral role of silicon in biology, researchers are just unearthing the crucial role of silicon in optimizing crop health.

Silicon is usually found as silicon dioxide (SiO2) in concentrations of 50-70 percent of the soil mass. Because of this prevalence, scientists generally ignored silicon’s effects as simply a component of the soil make-up. Ignoring the volume proportion of this element has been the missing link in optimizing the deteriorating health of crops in the United States. With new instrumentation and ambition to solve the world’s looming food crisis, especially as crops are losing value both in quantity and quality, silicon is surging to the forefront of plant science research as a viable solution.

The only way plants absorb Silicon is via silicic acid.

Although silicic acid has been studied for over a century, the power of this simple molecule is only recently being fully understood. New research shows that silicic acid has a profound effect on the transport and utilization of other nutrients, especially calcium. It also plays a role in enhancing the natural defense systems of the organism. In an age of increasing topical pseudo-solutions, silicic acid is a natural and permanent method of defense that strengthens the plant’s natural immunity, in some cases reducing the need for pesticides and fungicides.

After 1600 attempts, renowned European researchers patented the only stabilized bioavailable form of silicon, and after 15 years of commercial success globally, they are releasing the product on the American market. SILIFORCE is changing the way growers grow, plants are nourished, and crops are profitized. SILIFORCE is redefining essential.



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