Water Well During Droughts and Flooding

The unpredictable weather changes in Florida have affected not only the plants and grass, but also the water supply.  During the first part of the year many experienced record water lows.  However, the past couple of months have been wet and rainy!  Whether you are in an area that is still experiencing effects of the drought or issues from flooding, proper well maintenance is essential to protecting the quality and quantity of water derived from your water well.

After a Flood

– An obvious concern is that flood water loaded with bacteria, chemicals, or other pollutants may have gotten into the well.  Use bottled water or boil your water until a qualified water well system contractor can check out your well system.

– A less obvious concern is electrical shock if a non-submersible pump or any part of the well electrical system is flooded.  De-energize electrical system and have inspected by a licensed contractor.


– Insufficient water volume in a well could cause the well to cavitate or start “running dry” during droughts or when there is an increase ground water pumping because of arid conditions.  (It’s like putting a straw into the top of a glass of water.  If you drink and don’t lower the straw toward the glass bottom, you will end up sucking air.  There is still water in the glass, your straw is just sitting above it.)

– Aquifer wells can be deepened to achieve more volume in the well plus create more depth, which allows the pump to be lowered to obtain more water in drought conditions.  

Water wells are specialized systems that require knowledge and expertise to repair and disinfect.  Get help from a qualified water well contractor to ensure your water well is ready for every type of weather.

This column is sponsored by Nuco Pump and Well Services.

BIO: Joe Rochette is the general manager at Nuco Pump and Well Services, and he is one of the founding team members since the company’s establishment in February 2016.  For more information about Nuco Pump and Well Services, visit nucopumpandwellservices.com or call (863) 425-NUCO.



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