Why Buy Beef Directly From the Source?

For all the talk of “stimulating the economy” in recent weeks, the average consumer may wonder what advantages there are to buying commodities like beef from a local producer rather than simply visiting their chain store of choice? While economic competition improves the market for us all, there are a few more benefits you may not immediately consider.


  1. Save money. In the supply chain that brings food from the farm to the table, every additional link is associated with more cost, and more middlemen who want their cut. When you buy beef directly from a farmer, you bypass the additional costs from processing plants and transporters, and keep more of your money in your wallet. 
  2. Transparency. More and more consumers are getting concerned with how their food is produced. Do you want organic beef, raised without hormones? Or knowing that the cattle was treated humanely? When you buy directly from a farmer, you see their operation at work and get your questions answered from the source, instead of trusting a sticker that has more to do with marketing than the making. 
  3. Value of volume. The popularity of discount club stores shows that consumers know that buying more at once is a better bargain, in the long run. Freshly processed beef is perfect for freezing, and buying a side of beef gives you consistent quality throughout. If the better logistical and economical choice for you is to split with another family, you have that option as well.
  4. Engage the Community. Buying local instead of through nationwide distributors means that you are supporting businesses in your community. Would you rather your dollars go towards an executive buying his second yacht, or help your neighbor take care of his family. You get to know the people you’re buying from, as well as the product you’re buying. 


If you’d like to make the switch to local beef, one option is Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch beef, processed through Chop-N-Block and made available for consumers. 

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