John Baxter

Adjuvants and Your Operation

What are adjuvants, and how do they help your operation?

Adjuvants are inputs that aid the activity and/or modify the physical characteristics of a spray mixture. In other words, they simplify ease of use and improve the application performance of what you are spraying.
Adjuvants are a relatively small cost for helping you get more from your spraying investment. Pests, particularly several weed species, have gotten more difficult to control because of increasing herbicide tolerance and resistance. For all aspects of your pest control strategy to go well, you must deal with potential problems that can hijack your spray application.
When you are set to spray, consider all the factors that can influence your application. These factors include product choice, rate, timing, temperature, coverage, spray rate, humidity, wind, crop canopy, spray water quality, tank mix compatibility, speed, pressure, nozzle choice, spray droplet size, pest stage, and others. All have to be accounted for to get the most from your investment. The right adjuvants can play a critical role in helping improve your odds in managing potential limiting factors in your spraying operations.
You can’t be an expert in everything, and if you’re like most producers, knowing and understanding all there is to know about adjuvants isn’t at the top of your priority list. Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC has been a long-time leader in developing and manufacturing high-performing adjuvants. Count on us to make the right recommendations for you – like Joint Venture, an easy-to-use, superior adjuvant that effectively replaces horticulture oils in various miticide and insecticide sprays. With excellent spreading for thorough coverage, it slows the evaporation of the spray application deposit to help enhance penetration of the plant tissue. You can be confident it is our priority to know and pick the right Helena adjuvants to help you get the best results possible from your spraying program, for a relatively small investment.  
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BIO: John Baxter is the Florida Division Manager of Helena Agri-Enterprises.  He has proudly served Florida growers at Helena for 25 years, and also currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association.  For more information about Helena Agri-Enterprises products or services, or to contact a member of the Florida team, call (813) 626-5121.

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