Hunters on a Mission

Hunters on a Mission

The Wild Game Food Bank is committed to serving our community through a partnership with local hunters and area food banks. A great example of how this is applied is our relationship with the Mission of Winter Haven. This Christian organization seeks to lend a hand to those in need, and serves roughly 100-150 meals per day.

You see, when hunters choose to donate their harvested game meat to Wild Game Food Bank, they are making a real contribution to the lives of neighbors in need. Several times a year we are able to make a donation to the Mission of Winter Haven. In April, we gave them 165 pounds of ground venison.

Why is venison so appreciated at the Mission? Pastor David Berry tells us it’s a very versatile meat. They use it to make spaghetti, burgers, meatloaf, and more. “It brings some good quality protein into the people’s diets,” says the Pastor.

It takes approximately 40 pounds of meat per meal, so these large donations are able to make a big impact. The Mission was able to serve two delicious venison meals a week for two weeks. Now just imagine if they were able to make venison a regular weekly feature on their menus! It’s possible, with the help of hunters on a mission.

We at Wild Game Food Bank are on a mission. Our mission is to provide wild game meat to the needy in our community. We can’t do that without hunters on a mission. If you love to hunt and feel moved to share your harvest, please keep Wild Game Food Bank in mind.

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BIO: Caitlin Meadows is the founder of Wild Game Food Bank.  She proudly serves the community in this capacity while enjoying life as a wife, mom, and REALTOR®.  A UF graduate and Gainesville native, Caitlin and her family have called Polk County home for the last ten years.  Her husband is an avid hunter, which is what helped fuel the inspiration behind WGFB. Caitlin and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors with their son, attending church, and managing their cattle and chickens.  To learn more about WGFB, go to