Advice from a Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame inductee for the next generation of ag leaders

RECENTLY, FOUR TITANS of agriculture were inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame.  Among them was W. Bernard Lester, age 78, who was born in Havana and graduated from UF CALS.  Lester has been described by John Hoblick, president of the Florida Farm Bureau, as a “tireless advocate on behalf of Florida agriculture for more than four decades.”
Central Florida Ag News caught up with Lester and asked him what wisdom— if any— he’d like to pass on to the next generation of aspiring agriculture leaders.
His response was concise, yet insightful.  Lester says his advice to those just getting into the field would be to specialize. “Recognize that today’s agriculture requires a wide array of disciplines,” he points out.  “Commit some time to investigate and select areas that are of interest to you.”
And then, step it up.  “Once an area of interest is selected, dedicate yourself to becoming as knowledgeable as possible,” Lester states.  “Think in terms of competing with yourself to acquire a greater level of knowledge.”

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