Ag Community Takes Care of Its Own

The 75th Polk County Youth Fair has come and gone, but it certainly is not forgotten! We started with the national anthem and the Lord’s Prayer, and we were blessed with a safe and successful event!


We don’t have the final auction totals yet but the sale prices will exceed one million dollars. The week’s sales involved plants, hogs, and steers.


The record-breaking highlight of the sale was selling the steer that was owned by Todd Donley, who left us too soon. Todd was born on August 19, 2004, and he was recently killed in a tragic auto accident.


When there is a tragedy of this nature, the agriculture community never fails to come together to support the families.


Ranchers, farmers, and business professionals from auto dealers, insurance companies, and funeral homes contributed to the purchase of Todd’s steer. These are the people who support our community, so remember to support them, too. Once Polk County Youth Fair tallies are finalized, supporters will be easily identifiable.


Initial numbers indicate we raised $45 per pound for the steer — by far the highest-selling steer I have ever sold in my 40 years of selling at the Polk County Youth Fair. This money will go a long way in helping the family through this tragedy.


The Polk County Youth fair is one of the largest fairs of its kind in the state of Florida.  We have some 500 youth projects, involving everything from baking, sewing, photography, horticulture, and even horsemanship. This fair hosts no midway rides. It is entirely made up of youth projects.


Again, the auction method of selling allows the community to express in real dollars what the youth have accomplished. The Leadership skills that are developed by the program are second to none. The youth coming through this program go on to be the best doctors, vets, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and political leaders. They are the best of the best. I’m proud of every one of them!


Americans will always rise to take care of their own and step up in a time of need.

I’m only sorry that we could not have broadcast this event nationwide. Our politicians need to understand what Americans are really like. They need to respect our rights and realize that we don’t need all of their regulations and interference from Washington, D.C. Our Christian heritage-based society really works. When you see Christain Americans come together, as a community, it is a wonderful thing.


Till next time, God bless! See you at the auction!


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